Friday, 2 March 2007

Not a good idea...

2nd March 2007

Alarm ringing at 7:15 I was absolutely knackered! Remembering the boss was off this morning and taking into account Friday's are generally quiet days in the centre and both Rob and Stu were in today, I text Stu to let him know I was gonna book the morning off. He was cool about it - though probably thinking "You Bastard!".

Finally got up at about 11am, quick shower and brekkie and went to work more refreshed than usual :). I almost forgot my kit for footy, which is totally against the law and so not like me! Luckily I remembered just as I got to my front door! I'd've so came back for it!!

Very quiet day at work as expected. Didn't do much. Just chatted to a few students. Tried to get rid of Ricky multiple times but like the bad smell he is he kept coming back! Went for a walk at about 2:30pm to get a drink and happened to be walking past a few childcare classrooms and they were all making pancakes!! Totally unfair but when I got back to the centre, pleaded with a couple of them to fetch me one and in the end they did! It was totally burnt, had nothing on it like sugar and orange etc but I still ate it! Didn't wanna be ungrateful now did I! I'd give it an E for effort.

Onto the football at 4pm and had a far better turn out than last week. In fact we had 10 people making it a decent 5 aside to start with although as I always say, that sports hall is too big for 10 people, but we had a fairly decent game. After about an hour a couple left so then we had a good half an hour at 4 aside which was a lot better but then eventually others started to go and at about 6:10 we wrapped it up. I am now acheing very much from all the running about that I did but at least I'm in one peice. I decided no spectacular overhead kicks this week.

For me, I have had better games but have had far worse too. Didn't really get going, though scored a couple of simple goals early on but also needed my 2nd wind after about 15 minutes too! Then I was totally tripped up causing me to smash my knee into the ground and slide for about 5 yards. Hurt a little so I was pissed off for about 20 minutes but when it got to 4 aside, I decided to play ;).

Pulled off a nice trick on Waqas, flicking the ball up over my head with my heels succesfully for the second successive attempt but was too busy laughing to do anything with it at the other end! Did a mini Zidane turn too using both feet to spin past a couple of players but I let it run too far :( shame cos I pulled the turn off really well! The last 20 minutes was 3v3 so I used that time to pull off as many nutmegs on Waqas as possible. Think I managed about 4! Had him calling me a "fuckin scouse runt" by the end of the match!! Its funny cos I try to nutmeg people all the time now and very often pull it off but people are getting wise to it and always close there legs as I go to kick it - which is better for me cos I got quickly wise to that and just go round them instead :)

Stu claimed to not have a very good game but I'm impressed with his determination. Having not played football in a fair while he gets about a bit. His work off the ball is still pretty more impressive than on it but I'm sure that;ll come in time. I'll have to teach him everything I know. Shouldn't take long....

He's funny cos he's quite small compared to some...most of the players, especially some of the better ones but Stu, in his US influenced street stylee, thinks nothing to careering into anyone with the ball at 140mph side on. He often bounces off them just as quick but more than half the time he comes away with the ball. I'll have to try that. I tend to do most of my off-the-ball work telling everyone else what to do, off-the-ball!

After football went for a drink with Stu again. Stayed for about an hour and a half. Its surprising how busy the pub near the college gets (note: no students are around after about 3pm on a Friday!) considering that its quite out of town and although one side of the road has many houses, its still quite out in the wilderness! It didn't take long for us to look a little out of place in our footy clobber! Who cares!

On the way home, went to Blockbuster and got 3 DVD's to see us through the week. I got 'Being John Malkovic' which Emma wasn't impressed with. I've heard its decent so wanna watch it. Also got 'Alfie' and didn't realise until I got home it was the shitty 1965 Michael Caine version. That will be going back unviewed! Finally, 'Flightplan' which came highly recommended by the guy on the counter. Now, considering we fly to Malaga in little over 2 weeks time, this probably wasn't the best purchase of the day! Still, I watched it and it is a really good film and I would recommend it to anyone. But watch it after your holidays!

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