Friday, 10 April 2009

I spend far too much!!

My TFT monitor recently fizzled out and as I can't live without checking Facebook and my emails every 2.5 minutes I hooked the PC up to our flatscreen TV and have had the comfort of surfing the net from my armchair. The only trouble being that I have a very crap wireless keyboard that takes forever to register and constantly misses letters out as you type so yesterday we headed to PC World to buy a cheap standard wired keyboard, costing between £10-15.

We'd also decided that we were really in need of a new printer too as I keep buying second hand ones for £20-30 and they were never any good so I thought I'll go all out and get a pretty expensive lab-quality one on finance. We chose our printer fairly quickly but then got sidetracked looking at laptops. My PC isn't the largest or quickest though it's not that bad but I have been looking at going wireless for some time. So it was decided, if I could get a deal where I'm paying no more than £20 a month I'll get a new printer, laptop and wireless kit!

So here I sit, on my new laptop, costing £429.99, connected to the new Belkin Wireless Modem Router, costing about £44.99 and I am yet to set up our new Epson SX600FW Wireless printer, costing £97.99. I got a good finance package where I'm only paying £21 a month for the next couple of years but having read the paperwork last night, I noticed the software 'deal' the salesman 'chucked in' actually cost me £167.99, which wound me up so I'm heading back there today to kick off and get that taken out the deal.

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