Sunday, 3 April 2011


Last night I randomly started reading Stu's blog again (, after he posted but after reading his latest update, instead of reading all his latest posts, I used the archive to go back to when he first started, which was way back in January 2003, which is pretty amazing to say he still updates regularly a full 8 years later. It makes me a little annoyed that I am far to sporadic with my postings. I'd love to be able to read back over the many amazing things I have done over the past 5 years but only have short chunks penned and hardly anything over the past few years at all.

This morning I managed one of my first lie in's for ages as for some reason I had not been appointed on a Youth League game for what is potentially the first in-season weekened of 2010/11, but I wasn't going to chase one up as I could really use the time in bed! I think I was about 10% awake when Milly left for work at half 7 but can't remember much of that! I woke again at about 9:05, delighted to see that was what the time was and I had another hour and a half until my alarm was due to go off, and even then there was no real need to be up and out of bed.

When it did go off I think I hit snooze a couple of times but was half awake and hungry so decided to see what I could rustle up for breakfast. There wasn't much in so I had a walk to the shop and picked up a ham sandwich, crisps, cookies and a drink. I ate them whilst reading more of Stu's blog, starting again with his early posts before then going to around January 2007 when me and him worked together and spent a fair bit of time together outside of work. It was really fun reading about the things we did back then, most of which I had forgotten as my memory totally sucks these days. Some great nights out together, all nighters in Rileys, our trip to Liverpool, the pidgeon!, many pool games, and of course Friday football!

I enjoyed being able to remember the header I scored despite the fact I was flat out on the floor, or the mazy run I went on from one end of the pitch to the other, passed every opposing player and of course scoring at the end, depsite the fact I didn't really have the ball under any form of control the whole time! I had to laugh at the hustler in Rileys who challenged me after watching me and Stu just smashing the balls as hard as we could for about an hour as we had got bored of playing properly, having been in Rileys for a few hours. The hustler made out he was drunk and challenged me for money which I accepted. He then all of a sudden sobered up and looked a pretty decent player, however I beat him 3 times and took his money! :)

This is what has spurred me on to now keep my blog(s) up to date. I enjoyed reading about the stuff I had done previously on someone else's blog and there isn;t a chance that would now be able to happen if I don't keep this up to date as no-one else I know writes blogs! And unfortunately I don't see Stu much at all any more due to a whole manner of things. In fact, I can't believe it but it was at our wedding last year that we last saw each other. Over 10 months ago! :(. I'm sure that night we said we would see much more of each other! Now he's just got a job in London which he moves down to in 4 weeks so there's even less chance of us catching up. Hopefully we will catch up before he goes. Be gutted if we don't even manage that.

Back to today's events, I set off for my afternoon game in Nottingham at about 12:45. It was lush weather out, pretty much the first game I've done under the sun since about September. It went ok, finished 1-1, which was perhaps a fair result in the end. I had to deny 2 penalty shouts for one side, and a goal to the other as the keeper had been kicked in the head by his own player before the striker tucked into an empty net. I had seen the collision and instantly blew up for it before the goal was scored and had to explain my decision to a heap of angry players before they accepted I was right and got on with the game.

This evening I went to Richard and Amy's engagement party with Milly. Eventually arriving at about 9pm, only 90 minutes late! It was a tough one to find though, especially in the dark seeing as I was looking out for trees and daffodils as my directions!! It was a great night though. We stayed for about 2 hours but it was great to see Richard out of work, not that the conversations were any different! Football, and err, football? I think! The party was at Amy's place, which can only be described as a mansion! I asked for a map on the way out to enable me to find the front door! Thankfully, Richard guided us out! It was actually the first time Milly had met Amy, officially anyway. She was with Richard at our wedding last year and I'm sure I introduced them then but maybe not. That night is very much a blur now! It went so quickly! Anyway, they hit it off tonight. They'd make great friends I think if we could see them both more.

Quote of the night has to go to Amy though:

"Richard, this may sound like a daft request, but is there any chance my grandma could have some Abba songs please?"

Whilst Mamma Mia blared out in the background!

It might have been one of them "had to be there to find it funny" moments, but it was pretty hilarious. Amy looked well embarressed bless her!

Anyway, that was tonight. Hopefully be as much to follow this one up with tomorrow.

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