Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Amelia Faith Kirk

May 2007 to Forever

The reason I am so happy these days is that I have been seeing the most gorgeous girl on the planet. Her name is Amelia Kirk and we met at college. She was a student and I worked in the IT Centre. It’s quite funny to think that initially she liked Stu before me and they got quite close at one point but we got to know each other really well soon after me and Emma had split up and she was great with me throughout it. We spent a lot of time chatting both online and in person and going out for drinks etc and seemed to hit it off really early. The problem was that with me working at the college and her being a student, nothing could happen between us.

We continued to see each other and get to know more and more about each other and the more I knew about her the more my feelings for her began to grow until we both couldn’t control it any more and we began to date. I was really worried about work as I didn’t want to jeopardise my career but Milly quickly became the best thing in my life so I was prepared to find a way to be with both. It got more difficult as more and more people, many in college began to learn about us being together but no-one let it get any higher or to anyone that could put my job under threat.

Another issue I thought people would have a problem with was the age gap as at the time we started seeing each other, I was 24, almost 25 and Milly was only 17. As far as we were concerned that wasn’t a problem as we were perfect for each other and we enjoyed every second we had together. We have such a laugh and in the few months we have been together have got to like so much about each other. We have got to know each others families and we all get on really well with them. We have the most amazing conversations with each other about every subject possible, some very personal and it is amazing how open we are with each other as well as how supportive. We have both been through so much in our lives and it was good to learn about her as much as it was good to talk to her about myself.

Milly has achieved so much in her life and it has been amazing learning about all the things she has done so far. Her biggest passion is music as she has been involved with singing and dancing etc all her life. She was part of the Cantamus girls’ choir for 7 years, where she achieved probably her biggest achievement in life in the summer of 2006 when she won 2 Gold medals in China in the Choir Olympics. That must have been one hell of a time, I just wish I could’ve been involved with her at that time as I would have been so proud of her, I know that I would have been as I am now. She also dances and I love going to watch her at her lessons. She used to compete often in dance competitions and has been really successful but her ex boyfriend was her partner and their not really on speaking terms since they separated so she dances solo now. She wanted me to become her dance partner but I’ve got about as much rhythm as a curtain pole!

Since me and Milly have been together, we’ve already done so much and it feels like we’ve been together forever. We often look after my two cousins Devon and Harry and she is an absolute natural with them. She really enjoys being around children, as do I so when we do it always goes really well and we have such a good time. It feels like we have both learned so much from past relationships so we’re both making sure this time around is perfect, and it is. It’s amazing to hear so many people tell us how good we are together and how either of us have never looked so happy. I feel so much happier too.

Its weird to think about us only having been together for a few months yet so many plans have been discussed and we feel like a couple that’s been together years. We have plans to move in together properly shortly after Christmas although we’re spending most of the time at mine already. We’ve discussed things like marriage and children and it doesn’t feel weird doing that this early, although we won’t be rushing into anything ad at this stage its just discussions, we’ve got no immediate plans to jump into it all. It’s just good to know we’re both on the same wavelength when it comes to all that. There’s nothing about her that I don’t like and how much time we have spent together so far and every second we’ve enjoyed just shows how good we are for each other.

She certainly brings out the best in me. Never before have I done half the stuff I’ve done with her before. I’ve got up on the karaoke, requested a song for her at a piano bar and danced with her to it in front of her dad. I even sing her to sleep sometimes, but whether that’s a good thing or not I’ll leave to her to say! I think it’s more than fair to say I would do absolutely anything for her. She’s my absolute princess!

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