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Gran Canaria

9th-16th July 2007

Milly’s dad was wanting to take her away over the summer for a week, I think Milly was a bit nervous about it all having only just began to speak again to her dad after a long spell of them not talking, plus me and her were at a period where we couldn’t bare to be apart so she asked if I could join them. I’m not actually sure if it was her or in fact her dad that made the decision to ask me to go but before I knew it I was on the flight tickets and was off to spend a week with my new gorgeous girl in the Canaries.

The holiday was awesome. I wanted to make sure that her dad was really happy on the holiday so made it clear that he could spend as much time with either both of us or just Milly and that I didn’t mind but he was happy having the week to himself in the sun. He seemed to really enjoy it, besides we did meet up a fair bit at like meal times and some evenings for a drink but for the majority, me and Milly were inseparable.

Surprisingly, her dad had given us a room together whilst he was in one a couple of rooms down the hall. We spent a lot of the holiday on the hotel campus as it was a quite large resort and was merged with a few neighbouring hotels that made that area of the island quite entertaining. There was a large outdoor swimming pool that could be used by the hotels around it as well as other sports activities like tennis courts, football pitch and mini golf.

We also spent a few of the days and evenings venturing around the island going shopping, sightseeing, eating, drinking, singing, dancing and cruising as much as we could. On the first morning we had a welcome breakfast where the guide gave us information of different things to do there and as my 25th birthday was coming up, Milly’s dad paid for an all day cruise for the both of us.

The cruise was perfect. We spent the day on a giant yacht circling the island. The weather was perfect, as it was for the duration of the holiday and although we didn’t get talking to anyone on the boat, the company seemed decent enough. We started with an initial cruise out of the harbour and began to circle the island whilst everyone took in the sun. The bar opened shortly afterwards and all drinks had been paid for before hand so the bar soon got busy.

We’d been sailing for about an hour when we decided to go below deck for a drink in the lounge and we had a good chat and a laugh together before the food began to be served. We were one of the first to get our dinner before annoying some woman by sitting where we were actually sat before going to get it. After having a bite to eat we went back above deck for some more sun and the music played was pretty cool. An extraordinary romantic moment occurred when High by the Lighthouse Family was played, which we declared a couple of months ago as our song as it is a really nice song and is rare enough to not be overplayed so when it came on during the cruise that was already romantic enough, it just made the day even more perfect.

After a few hours of sailing, the captain dropped the anchor and allowed everyone to go for a swim. Just before this me and Milly had spent a good while in the Jacuzzi at the back of the boat but Milly fancied joining everyone in the water. I wasn’t too keen as I don’t really like the sea so she went alone and dived in before floating a few yards from the boat by herself. I thought she would prefer some company so I got out the Jacuzzi and dived in to her. Problem being, when she went into it first, she had pretty much dried off from the hot water from the Jacuzzi but I went from one to the other and almost died from the shock as I felt like I’d just dived into a block of ice! We stayed in the sea only for a few minutes before we got out and went back to the sun lounges.

The cruise ended in the late afternoon and it was a really nice day. We were going to stay in the town that the cruise was in for the evening but we didn’t really know our way around having got a taxi to there in the morning so we just caught the free bus back to our hotel and stayed on the resort for the evening.

We had many romantic moments on the holiday, as well as the cruise we spent much of the time walking hand in hand around the resort and on the beach. We also had some really good talks and got to know each other really well and spoke of things that worried us, which is fantastic in the relationship as it lets us know of things that play on each others’ minds, making us stronger as a couple.

The food in the hotel was really nice every day as there was a large variety. I spent most of my time at the large grill as the chef prepared a choice of fresh meat. At one meal I had 11 large pork steaks! They were well nice! We very rarely had any pudding other than melon but on one of the last days we found an absolutely gorgeous cake that has to be the sweetest thing I have ever tasted. I had loads of that over the last couple of days too!

Most evenings were normally spent around the resort (actually most of the evenings were spent waiting for a certain someone to finish getting ready :p ). We often got a few drinks and took them to the large marble hall in the hotel where there were seats and tables and sat and chatted into the early hours of the morning. We would also walk around the hotel outside and have a go on the table football or have a laugh taking photo’s of each other and also try and take decent ones of us together ourselves.

The best day of the holiday was Friday. We planned to go into the largest town on the island, Puerto Buenos, to have a nice meal and then find a karaoke bar. I surprised Milly by buying her a really nice pink dress we had seen earlier in the holiday, as well as treating myself to a new Real Madrid shirt . She spent most of the afternoon getting ready for that night and the three of us caught the bus to Puerto Buenos. We had a walk into the centre of the town and found a nice area where a courtyard playing live music was surrounded by 3 or 4 bars and restaurants, 1 of which was due to have karaoke later in the evening.

We enjoyed a couple of drinks in the courtyard before heading inside the bar that was advertising the karaoke. We had a drink in there and waited for it to start but it was quite empty inside and there didn’t seem to be anyone setting up any sort of singing equipment so we asked the bar staff if it was on and were told that due to staff shortages there was to be no karaoke that night. Another couple next to us said that’s what they were waiting for also so the bar owner said he would let Milly and another guy do a song each but no-one else. They did their songs, which attracted quite a few more people into the place who were then annoyed at not being allowed to join in and soon left. It didn’t make for good business sense at all.

After Milly had sang we had a walk further into the town centre that was full of various cultured bars and restaurants looking for another place for Milly to have a bit of a sing but we couldn’t find one that was starting any time soon so we decided to have a drink in a live piano bar. It was really nice in there and the guy on the piano was really sound, singing really popular songs and getting the audience involved as much as possible. I wanted to request a song so Milly wrote on a sheet ‘In My Life’ by The Beatles or in case he couldn’t play that one wrote ‘or any other Beatles song’ as I had been constantly listening to them and In My Life in particular during the holiday. He couldn’t play that one but began to belt out Ticket To Ride and then I asked Milly to dance, which made her night, especially in front of her dad. After the dance I bought her a pink rose too.

It had been a great night so far but we got the feeling that Milly’s dad would prefer to spend the rest of it by himself as he kept hinting at us going elsewhere so we decided to get him a drink in before heading to a bar around the corner where the karaoke was about to begin.

We got there as it was starting and Milly put her name down for a song. She was one of the first up and got a great reception from the people in the bar, probably because she’s got a voice like an absolute angel. We had a couple of drinks there and by that time we were well in the mood to enjoy the night. We both put our names down to sing and the next few hours were spent in there enjoying a drink and singing. I sang a couple of Beatles songs and then High, which I dedicated to Milly giving her a little tear in her eye. It was a great night and we left at about 3am, we decided to head to the beach and watch the sun come up together.

The beach was about a 20 minutes walk and on the way we passed a McDonalds so decided to grab a bit of a snack and then went on the beach. We had a walk around the sun lounges but they were all really wet for some reason as the sea was miles out and it had been really hot and dry all week so we couldn’t sit on one of them so we headed to the seated outdoor restaurants that were all closed to eat our chicken nuggets. We sat and chatted for about an hour before we saw a security guard heading our way. We ducked for cover and he walked past us and when it was safe we moved to a darker area of the restaurant. We had a really nice talk about many things and before we knew it, it was about 5am and we were both still really awake.

We were spotted sometime shortly by the security guard who came over to us but could see we weren’t doing anything other than sitting and chatting so said it was ok for us to stay. He didn’t speak a word of English so we had a fun ten minute conversation with him attempting to find out the time and when the sun was due to come up. Then he headed off leaving us to talk some more. At about 6am we both really needed a drink and the toilet so we had a walk further down the beach to see if there were any toilets near us. The only ones that were to be used by the public were closed so we found a hotel nearby that was open and strolled in pretending we were residents and went to use their toilets. After this we walked back into the town for a drink and noticed that the sun had begun to come up behind us and behind the mountains so we didn’t get a good view of it. We were a bit disappointed by this as we had visions of a really romantic sunrise on the beach but even if we had stayed on the beach it was coming up in the wrong direction anyway. We got a drink from a café that was still open and then caught a taxi back to the hotel before heading to bed after a perfect night.

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