Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Liverpool FC

March 2007 to present

As anyone who knows me even a little bit would tell you, a major part of my life is my love for Liverpool FC. I don’t think I’ve written too much in the past in this blog about them, other than the odd result every now and then but I hope Liverpool play just as big a part in my future as many of the other things I have written about. I do live for the club and spend any free time I try and find researching the club and keeping up to date with all the latest news etc.

Having enjoyed a couple of excellent seasons culminating in the magnificent Champions League win in 2005, followed by the 2006 FA Cup win, I had high hopes for this season and although we ended the season trophy-less for the first time under Rafa Benitez, it was still a great year culminating in a very enjoyable trip to Athens!

This season saw us invest heavily in new players and we’ve started very brightly, sitting pretty at the top after 4 games, unbeaten so far in all competitions with some games approaching that we should hope to stretch the unbeaten run in. On a personal note I want to make a few visits to Anfield this season, especially having gone to 7 games last year, but I don’t want to sacrifice my finances just to go watch them play live as I can watch every match from home thanks to the wonderful internet! I’ve already been to one game as Milly and I saw us beat Toulouse 4-0 on a Tuesday night. She has got well into it and really enjoyed watching them live and I enjoyed seeing how much she enjoyed it and can’t wait to take her again.

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