Wednesday, 12 September 2007


July 2007 to present

Having been at West Nott’s College for the past 5 years nearly, I felt it was time for a change and although I felt I wasn’t actively looking for a new job, I came across an ideal position at North Nott’s College in Worksop as co-manager of the Learning Resource Centre there. I didn’t really want to leave West Nott’s as I would be leaving many friends there but the job I was in was getting duller by the day and there weren’t any other opportunities to progress within the next few years so the only way up was out. Having almost completed my HNC in Computing, I wanted to take this opportunity to take a step up so having applied for the job at North Nott’s and being granted an interview, I made every effort to prepare myself for the interview, spending a lot of time speaking to people at West Nott’s including my line manager Sue, who helped me a great deal in my presentation for the interview.

I researched many of the things in the job description to ensure I was either currently able or prepared to learn everything required for the job and was confident I could do it. I purchased a new suit from George and have to say I look damn good in it ;). I went to the interview and blitzed a standard literacy and numeracy assessment that should have taken 45 minutes, but took me less than 10! I then had over an hour to wait for my actual interview and presentation and began to get really nervous. A phone call home to Milly, who was waiting for me and doing some housework for me, bless her, soon calmed my nerves.

I entered the interview room and instantly the nerves returned. I introduced myself to the 3 ladies sat opposite me and then was asked to present my presentation. I thought this would be the hardest part of the interview but actually I was really clear and confident and got through that rather well and was told later that the presentation was near perfect, with everything required contained in it and I showed my knowledge of the subject really well. It was the next part of the interview that knocked me back as I was then asked a series of questions relevant to the job and working at the college. Many of them I answered really well, even some I answered so in depth that I also unknowingly answered questions that they were about to ask. I got quite nervous during this stage as I always seem to and struggled with a couple of questions that I really shouldn’t struggle with. I thought these would cost me the job. I was told I would hear something by the Friday that week but I left the interview disappointed and only expecting to receive bad news later in the week.

It was late on Friday that I was told a member of the decision making panel had been ill so the decision was to be put on hold but was told I had shown a great deal of potential and was in the running for the job! That was very pleasing to hear and boosted my confidence a bit. I should hear something early the following week so I convinced myself not to be too confident as I was now thinking I may get the job and didn’t want to be too disappointed if I didn’t.

My mobile spent the majority of the following Monday, Tuesday and then Wednesday tight in my grasp as I waited to hear the news but by Wednesday evening, I’d still not heard from them. I thought it would be a good idea just to get in touch with them to show my keenness without looking impatient, so I emailed them on Thursday morning to ask if everything was ok and later that day I received a phone call from HR of North Notts. As the position was a managerial one, albeit a new created one, the ideal candidate would have been more qualified and experienced than myself and I was told I had shown potential but lacked confidence. I was then told that they were sure my lack of confidence in the interview was purely down to nerves as my current role at West Nott’s requires a good deal of it so they didn’t want to underestimate me and offered me the position! I was very surprised, especially after I was then told at the great lengths they had gone to to justify employing me. As they did feel I wasn’t quite ready to be a sole manager of the centres, although the job was co-manager but Donna, the other co-manager was leaving for maternity leave within a week, I would be left pretty much on my own, so to help me, they found a temporary cover for Donna, someone who had the experience to help me settle into the job.

I met Donna the following week to discuss the job and it appears not only will I be the co-manager of the Learning Resource Centres but I will be the main ILT Project Leader for the college, where my main duties include speaking to heads of schools and departments in the college to encourage the use of ILT in the classroom. It’s a very scary but also exciting role which I am looking forward to and just hope I can do it and do it well. Another plus side is the money as it’s a fair bit more than I would hope to be earning at West Nott’s and with a greater chance of pushing for more in the same role. There’s a lot to it with me having to get involved in the creation and setting up of a LRC intranet for students and the opportunity to hold student and staff training sessions and I’ll also be required to attend meetings in Northampton College, so it’s a very challenging role and one that I am relishing.

I’ll be very sad to leave West Nott’s after all these years and will leave behind some great friends, all of whom I hope to remain in contact with after leaving. My final day at West Nott’s is Friday the 28th September before starting my new position the next Monday.

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