Monday, 1 January 2007

3-0 to the Redmen

1st January 2007

Early start for me today, had to be up at 8:30am to travel up to Liverpool for the 12:45pm kick off. Don't normally do much on New Year's Eve and yesterday was no different. Went to Emma's mums for an early tea, then to my mum's for a visit and back to her mum's for a few drinks and games before going home about 10pm to try and sleep through the fireworks!

Good thing were the roads were empty so foot down time and a steady average of about 80mph saw us arrive in 'pool at about 11am. Parked up and had a walk to the ground and was sat down with a meat and spud pie and a coke (and about ten quid down) for 12pm. Saw the keepers come and warm up and decided to put on a bet. How close could I be:

My bet - Level scores at half time, Liverpool to win the game. Crouch to score first, Kuyt and Gerrard too.

End result - 0-0 at HT, 3-0 at FT. Crouch scored first, followed by Gerrard and Kuyt.

Did I have a feeling about the match or what? Unfortunately they were seperate bets so I only collected if I got First scorer with correct scoreline and as I predicted Crouchie to score first in a 2-1 win, I only collect £4.50 for the correct HT/FT outcome. Shitter.

Great game though and stunning goals and I'm now 38 games viewed, 34 Liverpool victories, 4 draws and 0 defeats. Maybe if I make it to 50 without seeing us lose I'll get a free season ticket? One can dream!

Met Andy (B1gdaddy) in the pub and went to his for a bit. His missus knocked us up a stunning tea and me being a bit shy eating out at a mates didnt have much and felt a cunt seeing how much was left knowing had I been at home I'd've cleared the lot! Chicken Fajita's, rice and Southern Fried Chicken! Godlike it was too, all home made bless Lisa! Gorrrgeous it was!

Saw his nipper for the first time, young David whose about 16 months now but the poor kid was full of flu and you could tell. Hope he gets well soon. Thought kids were s'posed to save illness to get day's off school?? Kerry was there too though we met her last time. Hope I spell her name right now though else I'll be in for an ass kickin next time I see her!

Stayed at Andy's till about 8/8:30pm before setting off for home, getting back about 10:15pm. Found my modem driver disk too so was back online tonight. Yay!

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