Sunday, 7 January 2007

I see the light...

January 7th 2007

....although it was coming from the electric one hanging from the ceiling and not the sunlight as by the time I dragged my ass out of bed today it was 4pm! Not saying I had been asleep all that time, I woke up 5 minutes prior, switched on the tv just in time to see Ole Fookin Solsjaer score a trademark injury time winner. I remember the last time I saw him do that, I cried myself to sleep that night. Also chinned a gloating Manc the next!

Scheduled to be up for around half 11, I got an early morning wake up call saying our match had been called off due to adverse weather conditions. Bit of a shame cos now these matches won't be played till the end of the season. Would have been nice for the top 2 to have played each other sooner rather than later to know what we have to do to remain in the race. We'll just have to make sure we take maximum points from our final 4 games and hope for the best.

Had some bad news tonight that our bro, Steven, who is out in Iraq lost one of his squadron and a good mate of his and it weren't even in war. It was a road accident. He gets back soon for couple of weeks but returns soon after. Hopefully everything out there will calm down out there soon else I'll have to don my Rambo attire and go kick some serious ass - hopefully I'd do better out there than on our servers as I've heard there's no respawn in RL? Am I right?

Following that, I was winding down the night with a shower and a couple of beers (no not at the same time, last time I did that I thought I'd found a wondeful everlasting beer, though the quality of it didn't remain - shame), when I got a call of me mam saying our sis' other half wasn't well so I had to nip her to him. Got home and chatted to Daz online for a bit before considering going to bed, ready for chaos at work tomorrow. No reason for the chaos, other than there'll be students there. Shame. Oh well, whats a college without students? Peaceful! Gonna really push to get a good whack of my coursework done tomorrow, either that or I'll spend the day as usual pushing for top score on Stunt BMX game! Tis good fun! *reminder to print Balance sheet for Football club meeting tomorrow*, wonder if this'll work. Doubtful.

Oh well, only 351 days till christmas :)

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