Friday, 19 January 2007

Rocky 6

19th January 2007

Felt fully refreshed having had about 13 hours kip last night. Thats more or less the same I'd had all week! Me and Stu were on our own at work today as James had an exam at Sheffield Uni. Very quiet day today, just the way we like it. Two classes all day and a few drop in students were all the college had to offer so again we spent the majortiy of the day chilling online and doing a bit of coursework.

It was mostly a day of banter as the build up to a huge weekend of football was upon us. Liverpool v Chelsea, Gooners v The Mancs. Knowing plenty of Mancunian gimps across the college I goaded them saying the gap would be cut to 11 points this weekend with both Liverpool and Arsenal picking up maximum points. I was sure of it. Always difficult playing the Chavs but I was confident we could hit them hard as they are going through a bit of a bad patch with players out and unrest in the ranks.

Was also a pretty big weekend for my junior lads as 2 games over the weekend could and should bring maximum points to continue the good run in 2007. A win away at Clipstone tomorrow would see us leapfrog them and probably Robin Hood into a more realistic league position other than the bottom 2 we've been occupying all season. Sunday's match should be a win as the opposition are by no means great. With the last 3 games upon us we need to stay hot ont he tails of the leaders if we are to finish as champs.

Finished work half an hour early to go for a kick about and it was a pretty good game. We played for over 2 hours solid and I was knackered. Quite pissed off too as I was stuck with two guys who would be better off playing netball and couldn't control the ball if their life depended on it. I swear they both have webbed feet. Had Mike from Sport to give us a fairly decent team without the other two and we had the majority of the match. I scored a fair few which is always good including a memorable run where I picked the ball up from the edge of my box, faced by 2 opponents, whom had I gone either side of them I would surely have lost the ball so i drove through the middle of them, then was forced wide taking on the next guy before hitting the ball across the onrushing keeper for a goal very reminiscent to the one an 18 year old Michael Owen scored at the 98 World Cup against the Argies, only mine was probably a little better :)

Off home then a shower as me and Emma were off to see the new Rocky film. KFC first though, yum yum! I had been waiting for ages to see the movie after hearing over a year ago that it was in production. It was also hard knowing a website where i could have watched it for free for over a week, but I resisted temptation and we were off to see it. Got there about half an hour before it begun but as it was the first night, though the 3rd showing, it was sold out. Damn!! We pondered watching something different but nothing really appealed so I thought we'd sign up to Blockbuster around the corner and get some DVD's. Rented 3 for a fiver which was good and went home to watch one. The Cave. Not a bad film actually as theirs no recognised stars in it then after watching that, put Emma to bed and went to chat online. Andy was on though claimed he was off to bed in 5 minutes. Remembering the site with the Rocky film on I thought about watching it. Knowing Emma wanted to watch it and we had agreed to go next week to the cinema again I closed the site, then thought again. Hell I waited this long I ain't waiting any longer! Great film. Surprisingly believable too to say Sly's no spring chicken and he's up against the Heavyweight Champion of the World! Film ended and Andy was still online. So much for off in 5 minutes! Went to bed about 2am ready for the football weekend to kick off.

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