Tuesday, 9 January 2007


9th January 2007

Having been beaten at home in the Cup on Saturday at the hands of Cockney rentboys Arsenal, I was travelling to Liverpool today in the high hopes that even though tonights competition was deamed smaller than the previous, still some act of revenge would be sought. It was not to be.

The 4 hours sleep wasn't good either as I left home for half a day at work a very tired chap. The morning was spent with a quest. Stuart, my co-worker has what can only be described as a goal to bed japanese twins! Funnily enough I went to school with some who are now in the film industry. We spent the morning scouring the web for images and clips of their work, only to be shocked with our findings. Although they seamed to have done well starring in the sequel to the hit Van Wilder, there first film was if anything extremely bizzarre. Named 'Penetration Angst' they star as conjoined twins who get sexually butchered with an electronic carving knife. Fair doe's. But anyway, we succeeded with finding them, now for the contact. Funnily enough Alexis, a sports teacher whose office is next to ours was close friends with them at school though they have lost contact. I'm sure where there's a will there's a way. Otherwise Stu will have to jet to the orient in search of Yin and Yan.

Set off for the land of the scouse at 3pm with traffic being heavy, yet we managed to arrive in just 2 hours which is weird as on empty roads it normally takes more than that! Got to Andy's just after 5 and had a cuppa and some super scouse stew for tea. Left Andy's to walk to the ground. 15 minutes he said! Just under an hour later we arrived at the ground. I made a passive comment of "throw the defence rulebook away and give us a 9 goal thriller". The teams duly obliged but to our disgust we lost the game 6-3. Even though we were up against a heavily weakened Arsenal side than Saturday's defeat, the surprising line up sent out by Rafa would have struggled away at a 7 man Barnet. Just wasn't good enough and I sat on the back of my chair, 4-1 down at half time thinking basically...."What the fuck!"

After the match, waited for Andy on the corner of the Kop and Kemlyn Road for about 15 minutes only for him to be directly opposite us waiting too! I reckon I'd saw him a few times too before actually realising it was him when he spotted us and came to get us. Luckily didn't have the trek back to his as we jumped in a cab. Set off for home about half 10 and arrived 1 hour 45 later. Foot down ftw! I'm really trying to calm my driving down as I know if I get caught again I'm officially screwed and will probably lose my license altogether and do think I'm doing well. Around and about in general I'm taking more notice of speed and am never too far off the limit, be it 3 or 4 miles over which is acceptable but the way I see it on a motorway is, if the cunts shooting off in front of yer and the ones reading the barcode on my exhaust behind me can get away with 110mph+ I can get away with a steady 90. Its hardly likely that there gonna randomly select me for a ticket out of all of them! As long as I'm not the one going nuts then all's well so I do go above the limit but make sure I'm not the fastest on the road. If there's no one else on the road I stick to the limit, then I have no excuses but if there's no flashing camera's on the cars in front, then I'm all good. Thats how I see it anyway!

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