Thursday, 18 January 2007

Finally some zzzzZZZZZZ's!

18th January 2007

Off to work again today and the weather looked pretty bad. Dark clouds loomed, rain was pelting down and the wind was howling. Sounds like the start of a horror story don't it? Well it was far from a fascinating day at work. James was on lates so me and Stu started the day in what was a fairly quiet morning other than the wind threatening to topple the college 6 storey block. As long as it blew it over the opposite way to where we are located then its all good!

Once more I spent the majority of the day knackered and determined to get an early night. One day I might actually do it too. Would tonight be the night?? Got plenty more done on my project and its starting to come together well. James came in about 1 for the start of what was to be a very short late shift. The wind was apparently extremely bad, causing lorries to overturn on the motorway and it blew our local nightclub roof off. Pretty intense! I realised the full power of it when talking to Paul, the AV guy, in the back office when a huge gust almost took the windows out. Never seen glass and wood bend so much without smashing!

We were told the college was to close at 4:55. Wasn't such good news for me and Stu, who were due to leave in 5 minutes but James got a 2 and a half hour bonus. Took me an hour to get home in a route that normally takes about 15 minutes. Thinking about Emma, knowing she normally has a bad time getting back I wanted to make sure I'd done dinner for her for when she got in. I guestimated she'd be back about half 6 so had her dinner ready for then and waited for her to get back. No sign at 6:30, or 7, or 7:15. Then she casually strolls in telling me she's done an hours overtime at work. Cheers luv. On a day where windspeeds reached 90mph and 11 people died around the country, this was the day she chose to not get home for over 2 hours!

After dinner I was so tired I more or less collapsed onto 2 bean bags on the front room floor and was soon fast on. Emma went to her mums, returning at 9, I was still asleep. She got me up and normally I would probably go on the PC for a bit to see whats happening but I was too knackered and headed straight for bed! Finally, an early night!

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