Monday, 8 January 2007


8th January 2007

Progress made finally at work today as I have changed my Project Module for my HNC from running a Game Server to designing an in depth Interactive Database that will hold all my information and research for my Liverpool book due out sometime this century! I really wanted to learn how to set up, run and maintain a game server as I think I can make a fair bit of cash from this in the not too distant future but getting it all done over the next 6 months looked as though it was gonna prove tricky so I scrapped it in favour of something I've been working on for the past few years and have a good idea of what it should look like etc. Besides, this will be a lot more fun working on and will get me back on track with my book that I've not done anything to for the past 10 months.

After work was our first training session back for the football lads this year. Bit of a cold, windy and wet day so I was surprised to get 15 out of 16 lads turn up to train! My coach from the seniors team, Adam Oprych, certainly made them run their christmas chocolates off making them run and do fitness exercises none stop for about 45 minutes before we finished the session with a match - which my team totally won!

After training it was a mad dash to Asda where me and Emma did a full 2 weeks shop in record time cos I had monthly football meeting at 7:30. What a load of crap that was. I have been doing the treasurer's job at the club for the past few months and as far as I was concerned I was doing it well. Finances, maths or whatever it comes under comes really easy to me and after the shite year the previous treasurer had last year through family illness I thought I was doing him a massive favour taking it off his hands but due to 1 mistake which was out of my hands anyway - a fine didn't get paid in time which meant the club was a day away from being suspended from playing at all age levels, but at the time I wasn't eligible to sign cheques and both the secretary and previous treasurer knew this but kept bombarding me with invoices and stuff to pay. Made to look a cunt in the meeting as this was brought up and all responsibility dumped on me. They re-elected a new treasurer voting me out. Fuck them, last time I do anything for the club again. If it wasn't for the lads who'd be gutted if I left I'd be gone quicker than you can say "I". No more meetings for me, they shafted one of their best supporters in terms of regular helper at all club events, and there hard to come by.

Had some cool news when I got back home though, checking my emails and I had a random woman email me with the subject of "Your Blog". Someone had been scouring blogs and other web forums etc and had found my blog and after reading through it enjoyed my (and I quote) "creative and expressive writing style" and wanted to offer me my own column writing football reports and articles on there website!! How cool's that!! Unfortunately though I will probably have to decline the superb offer - unless there's a high cash reward for doing so! It would just be another thing that although I would really enjoy doing, it would however get in the way of more important things that need to be done at this stage of my life. I have done this before for an unofficial, but popular Liverpool website and did really enjoy doing it. In fact some of my work is still on there and is quite highly rated. Therefore if I were to go back into this field I would either go back to this website (, or even create my own site.

Wanted an early night tonight as I've got 2 long days coming up. Half a day at work tomorrow is followed by another drive up to Liverpool for the Gunners game with Andy and Emma, so I probably won't get back till late Tuesday night / Wednesday morning, and then Wednesday I have an 8 hour day at work, followed by a 3 hour night course, so I'll be totally knackered. Therefore, going to bed at 3am wasn't the wisest thing I've done this year!

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