Friday, 12 January 2007

Friday Football

12th January 2007

Always the highlight of the week, Friday staff football started again this week after a 2 or 3 week break due to christmas and the like. Not many people I'm sure would be willing to stick around at work at the end of the week for an extra hour and a half but its a really good laugh, helps me especially to burn off the carbs, plus you get to kick cocky Mancunians, always good fun!

Fridays at work is always somewhat quiet as there aren't many groups in the centre. I used today to get a hell of a lot of coursework done, I was on a roll! Enjoying doing this assignment too, as it involves two of my biggest passions, Liverpool FC and creating databases. All it needs now is a pair of tits and I'm well away!

After a hard day at work I decided I'd earned a half hour reduction on my hours and went at 4pm for a kick about with Vlad. We normally start at 4:30 but there were 4 of us there so we had a 2v2, therefore were were well knackered when everyone else arrived! This week was surprising as there were only 6 people show up, so a 3v3 it was. We normally struggle for a good game as the sports hall is really small so a 4v4 is ideal and a 5v5 is too big and we tend to have between 8-12 turn up regularly. 3v3 just meant that bit extra running, seperating the fit from the unfit! I put myself firmly on the unfit team but I didn't do so bad. I go in bursts, have a good 10 minute section where I run my ass off, then wheeze at the side of the picth for 5 minutes! Mike Hallewell, sports teacher, thrived in the space though! Expected! We discussed actually seeing if we could put together a staff football team to play other colleges. Sounds like a plan to me, we have some really great players turn up on a Friday and some very good players who don't, though it wouldn't be fair to include those in place of the regulars. Might look into that on Monday if there is an area staff football league or something similar. I dunno if the size of our sports hall would be affected. 5v5 would be crap in it.

Another feast of football awaits over the weekend as my Welbeck team look to carry on where they left off last week, hoping to get something from FC Interski at their own ground, though we have lost to them 6-1 already on our home pitch but anything can happen with these kids. We have the potential to knick it by the odd goal and also the potential to be handed our asses on a plate! On Sunday we play Quarrydale Green, hoping to pick up maximum points and keep in the title race. We should beat them fairly comfortable though we have to be wary. We were 3-0 up at half time against them earlier this season but in the last 10 minutes played the worse football I've seen the lads play, allowing Quarrydale to draw level. I walked off after that match, ashamed of the performance and took a few bullets in the ass from parents but it wasn't like I left any of the kids alone, that would have been irresponsible but they'd all came with parents. I think after that match I knew we'd have our work cut out to win the league I felt we should walk.

Also, I'll be hoping Liverpool can put the 2 Arsenal defeats this week out of their minds and pick up maximum points against basement boys Watford. I foresee a comfortable victory, if not a hammering for them.

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