Thursday, 11 January 2007

43 Things to do.....

11th January 2007

Woken up this morning cos Emma wasn't well and she was asking if she could stay off work. Its funny that she asks, but she knows I'm funny about having days off work ill without going into work to actually show them that you are ill cos most company's are really bitchy and if you ring in they spend the day coming up with reasons why your off, like you were up all night getting wrecked! Its not very often I'm ill, can't remember the last time but I always go to work first and show that I'm dying!

Good job Emma stayed home to be honest, I was knackered! Although she would have set me the alarm but knowing me I would've just turned it off and slept in till about 4pm! She was on at me from about 12:30 untill 1:30 to get up before I finally dragged myself out my pit about 1:50pm! Had a quick shower and sped to work. Again James, Stuart and also Sue was in work when I got there and the centre was quiet so I took advantage of this again to get another half a page of coursework done! Bumped into the Gooner straight away as I got to work and he made sure I saw him! funnily enough he just shook my hand and said hard luck though smiling from ear to ear, and we discussed the match in depth. He's a good bloke to talk football with and doesn't stick it to ya after every bad match. Wish the Mancs could learn from this. Every dog has it's day, so to speak.

Didn't get much done at all as I was too busy planning my life! Ok, sounds drastic but there's a cool site I found last week ( where you look through people's resolutions and plans for the future and select your own things to do too, or you can create your own things!

I found this quite fun last week trying to find things I actually wanna do in the future. I began searching for things other people are doing and chosing ones I have thought about before. The first lot were really boring; stay in shape, get out of debt, be more organised etc etc when I thought how about finding more interesting things to do! To be honest, I've never really thought too much about the future, it usually stresses me out! The first time I ever really did make plans I was about 20 and going nowhere and was determined to make something of myself so I quit my job at a shitty factory and began to take control and think of things to do. This is the first year where I've ever really made any resolutions and I think I only did them cos I decided to make this blog at the start of the year and it was the first thing I thought about writing.

I found a few things I've wanted to do before but never actually tried such as learning to play the guitar and speak Italian. I think I'd enjoy both of these but probably have no use for them, especially the Italian thing. The guitar would just be cool to learn to play. Found a few more things that I wanna do, take more photo's, get out more and probably one of the most important things for me - sleep more!! I'm gonna try and achieve most of these asap and think it may help me become a better person but I'm just hoping it doesn't limit you to 43 things as said in the title! Seems quite sad that in many years time I'll look back and realise I've only ever achieved 43 things in my life - or less if I don't! I wanna do 1001 things!

So thats that, I'm sure I'll talk more about this site as I go along and begin to cross them off. See if I can do about 50 by the end of the year. I kinda cheated and found things I'd already achieved and added them to my "done" list, like buy a house, learn to drive etc but it's only fair. I ain't gonna go back and do these again - well, not by choice anyway, damn DVLA!


Stu said...

"Again James, Stuart and also Sue was in work when I got there"

If you could tell Keith I was there then that'd be great. Friday too ;)

Blade said...

Good shout. Thats why I should update this on the day lol!