Wednesday, 24 January 2007

New Job?

24th January 2007

Work today was ridiculously slow. It always is on a Wednesday but it seamed more so today than ever before. Having not done much of my Project this week I wanted to get some done, especially as an assignment is due in next week, though I haven't got much of a clue what to do in it! I opened and then closed my project work about 5 times during the course of the day without adding a single line to it! I just wasn't in any sort of mood for it. I have many of these days, more so than days where I actually can be bothered to get anything done, which isn't handy considering the time I have left on the course and the amount of work remaining! I'll use the next half term to take full advantage, I hope!

Heard that Robert was coming in today, which would be great to see him again. He is the guy who works alongside me and Stu in the centre but has been off on long term illness for over a year. In fact, Stu has never met him! It would be good to get him back working again, he's a sound fella but it would be a shame to lose James from the centre as well. There is at least one positive gained from when James finishes in that we will hopefully see less of Grundy, Quinn and Jeffrey, 3 very annoying students who just sit around him and can't be told anything without them answering back. Surprisingly I've resisted the urge to kick them all in the teeth!

I overheard Sue talking at work about vacancies and thought I would see what positions are up for grabs in the college, not really thinking of any for me but just to be nosey! Saw an IT Help Desk Support job going and thought I'd investigate. Its working in the Technical department on the front desk, receiving the calls and emails to distribute amongst the technicians. An expertise in the technical side is not really needed, just basic experience and knowledge of working with a college network and the Microsoft Office Suite. IT Qualification at Minimum level 2 is required, I have level 3 and working towards level 4. I sound ideal for it and know I can do it with ease. An added bonus is it has future opportunities in the technician side through courses and experience etc whereas there are no more progressional opportunities in my current position. Lastly, its up to £2k a year more. Interested? Yes please!

Robert was expected in before 6 so I had a drink with James and Stu before seeing if he was in. He wasn't in by 6pm so I had to go to my course. Boring couple of hours spent there before heading for home. Funny experience on the way home. There was a dark green Corsa behind me as I was driving through town. I was in the middle of 3 lanes and the Corsa went to the outside lane, then the inside lane before overtaking me as I came to a stop at the red lights. They went straight through the red lights as if they weren't there. They'd been on red a while too so it wasn't like they'd only just changed. It stopped at the next set of red lights which bared right afterwards. I was in the lane to the left of them when the lights changed and as I went right the car took the turning too sharply and was driving down the wrong way!! It was heavily raining and the road was very wide but it was an obvious mistake to make, there were plenty of road markings and traffic islands so how they did it is beyond me. Luckily there was nothing coming the other way. It took them a while to realise they were going the wrong way, then they did a U-turn and shot off in totally the opposite direction. How bizarre!

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