Saturday, 6 January 2007

Victory and Defeat

6th January 2007

Saturdays are back! Nothing beats a Saturday other than it being full of footy! Started off really and quite surprisingly well with a fantastic 3-0 win away to Walesby, which may see us come off the bottom of the league. The lads worked really hard and for once gelled as a unit and quite frankly Walesby were lucky to get away with just a 3-0 defeat, but for some poor finishing on our part. Credit where it's due, more of the same tomorrow boys please! Up against a Huthwaite side who we owe a good kicking too. Last time we played we were unbeaten and top of the league but could only drum up 5 players so played 5v7 and were on the wrong end of a 5-3 scoreline but again the boys were awesome on the day and mistakes cost us more than being players down as the opponents gave it the large after the match knowing it was a great win and were shocked when I said we were 5v7 - they never noticed! Shows how hard we worked on the day. Same again tomorrow and we'll get a great win, and with the top 2 teams playing each other, this time tomorrow I shall hopefully be writing about a league thats just been blown wide open!

Dissapointment though for Liverpool who lost 3-1 at home to Arsenal in the cup. Not a great performance by either side though I feel we were the better of the two teams, just let Arsenal have 3 efforts on goal which they took. Don't know why Dudek was in net, he had a mare. My 10 year old keepers could have saved most of the efforts he had past him. Very poor keeper. Mind you, at 0-0 we had a clear penalty rejected which could have made the game end differently, but it's all if's and but's now, game's over, cup defence shattered, concentration must now go back on the league and Europe, though we'll have a small score to settle with them on Tuesday as we play again, this time in the League Cup. I'll be travelling up there again, this time I may even get to see the game after the first attempt was fogged off 2 hours after I arrived in the City. Never mind, it's never a wasted trip when I get to have a drink with Andy.

Took Emma out for a meal today, making a change from the usual routine of banging oven chips in and vegging out all day. Getting really tired of never having any cash and staying in every day, I'm gonna start going over our finances and see what can be done to give us an extra few quid a month to actually start being able to live instead of just merely existing.

Chilled out on t'internet tonight, meant to get a lot done but instead found a site I used to visit often with extreme and funny videos on, so basically sat through a few hundred of them. Weired thing is now, most of them were very extreme, I'm a bit phobic of seeing people in pain but tonight have witnessed stabbings, shootings, crashes, faces being smashed into pavements and the works. A lot of the videos contained real deaths including one guy crossing the road as an out of control pickup comes hurling towards him slamming him up against a wall and basically crushing the crap outta him! I'm now very aware of my surroundings, looking out for falling branches, speeding cars, wild animals and every thing else that wouldnt be too pleasant on contact with me skull!!

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