Saturday, 20 January 2007

The Mighty Reds!

20th January 2007

Saturday didn't start off too great as our Welbeck lads failed to capitalize on the second half weather advantage,losing 3-1 away to locals Clipstone. Dissapointing as Clipstone weren't great and we had chances to level after trailing 2-0 at half time. We played against the strong wind first half and was unlucky to go in 2-0 down at the interval, both goals coming in the last 5 or 6 minutes of the half but we had enough capabilities to get back into the match, which it looked like we were going to do after my centre defender pulled one back from the half way line 5 minutes into the second half but many missed chances were left to be rued as their 3rd goal 5 minutes from time finished us off.

Never mind. Now onto the match that really matters. Liverpool v Chelsea at Anfield. I tried frantically for half an hour to find a channel online to watch it but each one wouldnt buffer properly so I resorted to 'Live' commentary from the official Liverpool website. Andy was online and listening on the radio and shortly after kick off he delivered the great news that we were 1-0 up. How he got the news and was able to inform me before I heard it was unbelievable. I was on the official site yet had like a 30 second delay! Soon after and Pennant scored one of the goals of the season to make it 2-0. The game ended that way though Liverpool could've had 5 or 6 on the day. They tore Chelsea apart to reduce the gap between 2nd and 3rd to 6 points, with one eye on 1st place. 11 behind the mancs, though they have Arsenal tomorrow in a game in hand. They won't win it though, I'm sure of it!

Our Ste was home from Iraq this week and him, Helen and Bryony were at my mam's so we went for a visit. They invited us out for a curry but we'd just had a kebab at Emma's mums. Made arrangements to go over to his next weekend as I have no match on the Saturday, realising now that it's Emma's birthday but I'm sure we can do something alltogether.

Got all of the treasurers stuff together to take to the club meeting. Non of it has been updated for the past two weeks like they asked me too and there was about £1300 unbanked. They'll love me for that. Screw them, I wasn't wasting another second doing anything for them arseholes. I went into the meeting without the bank stuff and threw my match report at Graham. Bill's face was a picture seeing me without the treasurer stuff especially as he has left a dozen messages since last week asking for me to get the stuff to him. Told him it was in the car and he was actually quite civilised when he came to collect it to put in his. Probably won't be when he see's how much it all needs updating!

Got back home, dropping Emma off at her mam's again and chilled on the tinterwebnet for the rest of the night, playing a couple of matches online and basically having a laugh with the Scicilian Stallion, Daz! One day he will teach me Italian but for now I have to just hope the words he uses aren't as abusive as they sound!

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