Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Loooooooong Wednesdays!

10th January 2007

Prepared for a long day at work today as I have the full 8 hour shift followed by my night course tonight but at least I get a good lie in tomorrow as I'm on lates. Looking forward to that, that's for sure! Certainly wasn't looking forward to the abuse I would be about to receive from a certain Gooner at work and I'm sure the Manksister United fans will have plenty to say!

Managed to get to work on time and with Stuart and James already in thought I could get on with some coursework ready for tonight. Having changed my project 4 months into the year, from setting up a game server to designing an interactive database, I needed to make sure I'd got plenty done to justify changing so late on.

Work was quite slow but I was lucky in one respect, the Gooner was off!! Couldn't avoid the mancs though! How come they always have to have there say! Grrr! What they got to gloat about, they lost to frikkin Southend!!

Managed to get a bit of coursework done but not as much as I'd hoped but the thought was all there! Pity I couldn't email those to my course tutor, would be a Distinction for sure! Was expecting a long night on course with it being the first one back in the new term but found that half the course tutors were in London for something - bet Waqas was going to get himself an Arsenal shirt, he loves to hop bandwagons! So we had an hour doing Networking coursework before finishing two hours early! Niice!

Got home to find that our clan servers had been taken offline cos we'd decided not to reknew them so my job for the evening was to look for some new ones. This time I was determined not to dive in and get the first ones we see at a good price so I searched until 3am for a good provider, comparing price, history and reputation etc. Managed to find a good few and sent details to Andy and Martin to look over.

Managaed to persuade myself to go to bed about 3:30am. Really hate having to do that but bed sucks! Its ok when your really knackered but when your wide awake and there's only a few hours to go until you have to be up, it's really crap forcing yourself to go to sleep!

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