Monday, 15 January 2007

Courseworks getting done

15th January 2007

I made it a major priority this year to make sure I get my HNC done and to a good standard. No more putting off the assignments for months so that I forget everything. My new Project assignment is going well since I switched it around and I was looking forward to cracking on with it today. Took me a while to get in the mood for it though this morning as I couldn't get my head around where I left off on Friday.

Spent the first part of the morning on a website I'd not visited for a good few months and usually regret visiting soon after - eBay!! I usually just do random searches for anything and everything Liverpool FC. Had a look around for some books and videos/DVDs that I'd not got. Couldn't find many but one I did find was one I really wanted. It was a limited edition book published last year covering major newspaper headlines for the club between 1906-2006. Its pretty cool and when I wanted it last year it was about £150 and we were in no position then to buy it, as much as I wanted it but it was on eBay for just £25. To be fair, with Emma's birthday coming up, followed soon after with Valentine's Day, I'm not really in any position to buy it now but I stuck a sneaky bid on it for £25. It has 3 days to run so whether I will be outbid is yet to be seen but I deffo can't improve the bid. I can justify spending £25 on it as I have about £500+ worth of books that I could look at sticking on eBay and getting some cash back on them but first I need to get some stuff out of them.

By looking on eBay it also reminded me that I should start thinking about what to get Emma for her birthday on the 27th. Christmas wasn't great due to lack of money and though we're hardling rolling in it, I'm sure I can give her a good day. Had a quick look around for hotels in Liverpool for the weekend but I have matches on both Saturday and Sunday and its too late to cancel them. It would probably be too expensive anyway. We could maybe afford one or two nights at a push but we wouldn't have much cash for anything else so I may as well make the most f the time at home and get her something good.

Got plenty done this afternoon as I doubled my coursework folder. Left work for training about 3:45pm and prayed my coach would be coming as I never think of anything to do with the lads any more as I leave him in control. The first time he doesn't show I'll be screwed. I should maybe create a backup routine and keep it with me in case one week Adam can't make it. I realised again I still had all my balls to pump up so made an effort to get to training early. Then sods law depicts that I only managed to get a couple pumped up before the damn flimsy nozzle snapped on me! I spent the hour working with my keeper. I probably enjoyed the session more than him, especially as I got 9 out of 10 shots on target for once! Sometimes I was worried that I was overhitting them at him but he stopped many of them so he should have no worries up against kids his own age. He definately has the potential.

Later this evening I was left an answerphone message on my mobile from the new club treasurer who was up at our local. He wanted all of the accounts books and money etc but I decided to make matters worse and screen all my calls. I ain't doing no running around for them. It'll probably mean things that need paying asap will double and stuff. That would be fun! Be even more fun if they try and make me pay any charges! They mess me about, what comes around goes around - or is that wrong? Screw it!

Finished the night getting my ass handed to me on a plate in a 1v1 with Andy online. I was in no rush going to bed as I wasn't at work till gone 1pm tomorrow so was still playing after 2am. Poor Andy. I never think he actually has to get up early for work in the morning! Oh well, he's a grown fella, doesn;t need me to tell him when to go to bed! Probably does actually, but I'm not gonna! Its more fun when he's on than walking around shooting picture frames off walls.

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