Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Back to normality.....kinda!

3rd January 2007

Well, wasn't going to post till later tonight but can't see the day being any more eventful than it already has been. Really wanted an early night so I could get a good night's kip but couldn't drag myself away from PC till 1:30am. Then was still wide awake. At 2:30am, decided to grab a beer, chocolate and a DVD to help me sleep! Its worked for me all over christmas but not tonight! Watched the whole damn thing, Soccer AM III DVD it was, watching Ronaldinho's silky skills! That finished at 3:45am and I was still wide awake at 4:30am!!

Managed to drop off, dunno what time, but when our lass was getting ready for work I was wide awake, and it was only 7am and I still had another 30-45 minutes of kip left! Laid in bed wondering whether to get up or not when I had my decision made for me. All I heard was "Bang, Thud, Crash!" Our lass fell down stairs, from top to bottom. Ouchie! Got up and she was laid in ball at bottom of stairs. Thought she had broke leg or arm but she got up in end and hobbled to work!

I decided to stay up, had shower and listened to some tunes on PC for a bit then decided I better go to work. To say how early I was up, I ended up being late for work! Damn car had flat tyre! Pumped it up and went to work. Boring day, no-one in centre so I chilled in Office doing coursework all day.

Now, she's at her mam's, I'm chatting on here, might get early night tonight. Doubt it though. Probably wake up knackered tomorrow too! Oh well, prepare for more of the same!

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