Thursday, 4 January 2007

Organisation needed!

4th January 2007

Been trying to get on top of things and this year I'm determined to turn my self into an organised machine! Thing is I have more things that take up time than actual time to do them! Whoever invented 24 hour days obviously got bored easily!

A few years ago I began to write my own book on the best football club in the world, (ok, second best after my Welbeck lot :D). Of course I mean Liverpool. I have done a lot too it but looking over what I'd done this afternoon saw that it had nearly been a year since I'd done any more to it. Weren't too pleased about that. Seems my life all last year was taken over from other stuff, like my job and HNC which I guess are fairly important, to the Welbeck coaching 3 times a week including Saturdays and Sundays and now even being the club's treasurer. This leaves me very little time to do anything else and at the end of 2005 I started online gaming and founded a clan called DeMise and spent all my free time on this.

Now I'm determined to get back on track and start to prioritise all my things. Work and course must come first for a start. I keep falling behind on my assignments so now I'm pushing myself to get these done. The course finishes in June this year and I'm not going to jump straight onto another course having done consecutive courses for the past gazillion years but I don't wanna delay my career further but do want a break from courses. I think I'll take a gap year but spend it wisely considering my future. So from now until June, my main focus will be completing my course and working harder at work. My job comes fairly easy to me as its IT Based but sometimes I take it too easy and neglect actually doing it cos it can get boring and working with students is getting more difficult cos quite frankly their all cheeky, disrespectful ********!! Ok not all of them but enough of them to make it not so enjoyable anymore.

Oh well, its still the christmas holiday here so I may as well make the most of them not being in, then roll on the Easter holidays :)

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