Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Last day off :(

2nd January 2007

Back at work tomorrow so made the most of this morning. Got up about 1:30pm which was surprisingly early compared to the rest of the christmas period! House in a bit of a state so did nothing but tidy up. Still dunno how washing machine works so just stuck the pile of clothes in it and left it. Note learning how to use it is not a resolution for this year :D, maybe next year ;)

Bit of a dull day really, installed my new mouse I had for christmas tonight, spoke to some clan members I hadnt spoke to for a while since net went down, kicked some ass on CS:S and went to bed about 1:30am ready for work in the morning :(


Baďo said...

woohooo bladey m8
survive that awesome work ;)
btw nice blog :D

Martin said...

yo dude good luck with the blog - i managed to keep mine updated for almost a year - hope you'll have more patience than me :)

check out my shit for insiration - http://hruda.blogspot.com

Blade said...

Cheers guys. Yeah I came upon your blog before Martin. Can't remember how. Do remember chuckin buckets at you taking blood from someone. Dunno how you do it mate!!

Anonymous said...

hope you had a good day at work mate
just one thing, what about the Leicester match or did you just block out the bad memory

Blade said...

Leicester? I've only been to 1 Liverpool v Leicester match, 1996-97 season I reckon it was, when new Anny Road End was being built. Think we were 1-0 down and we scored last minute, Incey Wincey.

Anonymous said...

No i afraid not you were in the kop it was inceys first home match and we lost 2-1