Saturday, 13 January 2007

Can you do me a Sudoku?

13th January 2007

Saturday started off well. I was up about 9am getting ready for our morning match when I checked my phone and found out due to adverse weather conditions it was called off. Nice one, didn't fancy a stuffing at the hands of Interski anyway! Quick text around the parents to let them know then straight back to bed! Lazy sod that I am stayed in bed till 1:30pm and only got up as I realised I was missing Liverpool's match against Watford! It was half time and we were already 2-0 up. Good stuff. Spent the entire second half trying to find a decent channel online to watch it but the damn thing wouldn't buffer on like a gazillion channels I tried, so I had to make do with teletext and my uncle's text messages keeping me up to date with the score. Always nice to receive "get in", "go Bellamy" and "yes, Stretch" texts this weekend than the "WTF", "OMG" and "FFS" messages from last week! A 3-0 win keeps Liverpool comfortably in third with one eye on the leaders and makes it 8 wins out of 9 in the league. Crisis my arse!

I realised yesterday that it was our 4 year anniversary last Monday and me and Emma had both forgot. Nothing like love eh? We decided to have an overdue small celebration by going out for dinner instead of whacking oven chips and chicken drummers in the cooker! Never realised going out for a meal on a Saturday afternoon could be so farcical! Decided to go to regular eatery Ma Hubbards in Edwinstowe, not far from us but when we got there at 3:30pm, they had stopped serving food until 5pm. Damn it! Decided to go 5 miles down the road to The Rufford pub and got there and they had changed there menu to carvery only. Really wasn't in the mood for a carvery and couldn't believe they had nothing else on the menu so rebelled against them by deciding to go a couple more miles down the road to Ma Hubbards in Glapwell. Closed. Jeeeeez gimme some food, I'm starrrrrvin! Just up the road from there was a smart pub, The Young Vanish. Went there, open, still serving food, Bob's yer uncle!

Had a well nice mixed grill, probably one of the best I've had and believe me, I've had my fair share of them! Got back home in time to catch the full time scores, dropping Emma off at her mum's on the way. Meant I got some muchly appreciated free time where I could stick on a CD and chill without hearing the shreak of "I can hear that through 2 walls....."

Was supposed to be sorting the rest of the finances out for the football club, getting everything up to date and handing it all over to the new treasurer at 7pm in the weekly football meeting but as I had no match, so no match report to hand in, I couldn't be arsed making that extra effort for them and decided to annoy them even more by not giving them it! Expected a mardy phone call but never got one. Shame, it would have been a pleasure telling Graham to **** off for the 3rd time in as many weeks!

Had a very peculiar call about 6ish. Emma was still at her mam's and I was busy trying to sort loads of stuff out when my mum calls me with a sound of urgency about her. I ask whats the matter. She says "Are you busy? Can you do me a massive favour? Can you do me a Sudoku.........." Bizzarre woman she is! Had it been "can you take me to the hospital?", then yes, "can you go to the Liverpool v Everton match next month?", hell yes, or "can you murder your dad", yes please, but "can you do me a sudoku....". Errr no!

Spent the rest of the evening checking out clan stuff, realising our CAL season started this monday and the map is totally new to us. Andy had his first keyring party job in Birkenhead, returning at 1am. I tried to convince him to come have a mess about on the server for a bit but he wanted to go to bed as he was up early on Sunday but he's easily distracted. I had an issue getting the server to work earlier this evening but Andy managed to get it working and then, of course, we had to test it! Until 3am!

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