Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year

Bit late posting but only just getting this Blog set up. Well, firstly welcome to Blade's Blog. This is my new space where I can post random shite every day until I get bored. Maybe when I'm rich and famous I can use it to look back and write an autobiography :)

Happy New Year to everyone!!

My phone's on the blink so no-one received a Happy New Year text this year. Wish I had asked for one for Christmas. Never mind. Will have to find my contract and see if it can be swapped any time soon. I receive messages fine but recently whenever I use my phone for whatever reason, it freezes and has to be turned on and off again. Pain in the ass!

Thanks to everyone who sent me christmas cards, best wishes and happy new years texts. Sorry for being lazy and buying no cards or sending out texts but the thought was there somewhere :)

T'internet's still down at home. Tried installing my new Wireless Modem / Router on Christmas Eve and it screwed up and I'd uninstalled my original modem and lost the disk :( So been offline for nearly two weeks now.

I've never really made any resolutions other than my 5 year plan I made when I was 20! Am 25 this year so thats scary but I have achieved most of what I wanted to at this stage in my life.

Think I'll make some goals for this year:

Personal / Career based

- Complete HNC this academic year
- Get a better understanding of what I want to do long term
- Blag a payrise :)

Personal / Home Based

- Get rid of parental debt! (Hire hitman or payup?)
- Start thinking of this wedding lark for Emma (Thought about it, thats enough of that...)
- Think about the whole kids thing (Jeez this is getting serious)

Hobbies - Welbeck

- Win the Sunday League :)
- Win it again :)
- Improve Saturday Team, Win Saturday Cup :)

Hobbies - Liverpool

- See if I can make 10 matches this year
- Get to any cup finals we make


- See if I can go the year without a speeding ticket
- Win something with my fellow DeMise dudes
- Get back on track with my LFC book
- Learn how to run a game server
- Learn Visual Basic
- Learn how to use Photoshop and Dreamweaver

Think thats me done for my first post. Quite a long one I know, probably a sign of things to come :)

Off to the house of scouse tomorrow for the Bolton game. Hopefully another 3 points in the bag. Also going to Andy's in Liverpool. Should be a good day out. Ciao for now

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Paul said...

My phones dead too so nobody got a new years message from me either. Damn screens :(