Saturday, 27 January 2007

Emma's birthday.......Sat Nav's suck!!

27th January 2007

We'd planned to get up to our Steven's about 11am so wanted to leave about 9:30am. We set the alarm for 9am but couldn't drag ourselves out of bed much before 9:30am! I was still unsure how to get there but Ste had given me his postcode last night and we were borrowing Emma's mums sat nav. Should be easy enough then.....

I programmed in his postcode but on the Sat Nav it was taking us to Bury! That was miles away in the wrong direction. I text my mum to see if she knew his postcode but forgot she was away in Ireland so I nipped to my dad's. He didn't know the postcode but knew the street (or the one just off it) and said just to go straight up the A1, getting off when it said Catterick. Having the street name now, I typed that into the Sat Nav and foudn the right place, also finding the postcode our Ste gave me last night was different by a letter. I guess I heard it wrong.

Managed to set off for 10am and it wasn't long before we were on the A1. Another 30 minutes later, the sat nav decided to tell me to stay left. I got into the left lane which then veered off away from the two lanes outside it. It felt wrong but I thought the sat nav knew what it was doing. I was doing about 70mph when all of a sudden there was a speedhump right in front of me. I had to slam the brakes on and managed to get down to about 25 so bumped over it a little bit! The sat nav then went crazy. I think I should've stayed in the centre lane on the A1 and not turned off and was also sure the sat nav thought I was still on it as it didn't acknowledge the 3 roundabouts we went over so we were pretty much guessing the way now! In the end we just turned round and got back onto the A1, albeit about 45 minutes after we first left it!

Got to Ste's about 12:30pm and had a much needed cuppa. We had a chat and were thinking of things to do for the day. I didn't know what there was to do and would've been happy enough just going for a meal and when the mention of golf came up, wasn't too impressed! I'd never played before and knew I'd be no good at it! For me, it wasn't a game of skill, it was luck. You have a stick and a tiny ball and your supposed to swing and smack it as hard and far as you can. Never going to happen!

We hadn't originally planned to stay the night as I had a football match at 12:30pm tomorrow but we were asked to and thought it had been ages since I had spent any time at all with our Ste and his wife Helen and my neice Bryony so it would be cool to stay over. We would just have to get up a bit early and get home quick.

We went for a walk in town and did a bit of shopping, got Emma a couple of things for her birthday including a card! Then went for lunch in a cafe. We only had something small as we decided to go out for a larger meal later. On the way back from town we stopped at a retail park and we then changed the plans for tonight to a movie and a take-away. We went to Blockbuster and hired "My super ex-girlfriend!"

On the way back to the car, it was decided that we would be stopping off at the driving range! Oh no! This should be fun...

Actually it was. It was empty so we had it all to ourselves and me and Ste got a bucket of about 100 balls each and then we both proceeded to swing about 4 times per ball! It took me a while to get used to it and I think my first 20 balls only went about 15 yards but then after that I was hitting them well, probably sending some of them about 180 yards, which was cool! Its a shame my eyesight sucks though as I didn't see where some of them went, I wonder if any landed in the hole! I know I was close a couple of times! My basket ran out a little earlier than it should as Bryony decided she was stealing some of my balls to throw at her mum! It was a good laugh but I think I can safely say golf is so not a game for me! Wouldn't mind doing that again though!

Got back to Ste's and flicked through the million and one take away menu's before deciding on Steak from the Chinese! We ordered it early, about 6pm as it was predicted it would take ages to come. We were gonna watch the film but when we turned the TV on, we checked the football scores and thought United had drew 0-0 with Portsmouth in the Cup as it looked as though all of them were full time but having switched channels saw they'd actually just kicked off so we watched that shabby outfit win before putting Bryony to bed. The chinese eventually came at about 8:30pm, minus Emma's meal!! Helen called them and went nuts, it was funny! We waited another 20 minutes for that to come before eventually getting to watch the film and have dinner. I'm sure throughout the day my bro was doing his best to get me wrecked, bringing me a can or bottle of Stella every 10 minutes. I got through about 5 before the night was done but there were no ill effects from them thankfully, especially as we had to be up first thing and I had to drive home!

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