Friday, 26 January 2007

I hate cramp!

26th January 2007

I don't know if it was to do with all the running I did, which is the first serious amount of running I'd done for years but I had a serious attack of cramp last night! I remember still being awake at 4:45am without having had any sleep and think it must've been a good half an hour after that that I managed to drop off! When the alarm went off in the morning I was knackered! I text James to say I was gonna take the morning off as I hadn't slept much at all. I then went back to sleep for a few hours, waking up again about 10:30am. I got showered and ready for work and got in about 12pm.

I was still suffering a little bit but still I brought my football gear in again for 5-a-side after work, but didn't know whether I would still play or not. Remembering it was Emma's birthday tomorrow I nipped into town before getting to work, only to realise I had no money on me, my personal account only had enough money in it to cover direct debits and my new joint account card still hadn't been delivered as my old one was washed! I'd been waiting for the past 2 weeks for it and it still hadn't come. We were going up to my brothers in Catterick tomorrow, I would get Emma something from there.

Work went quite quick, though it would wouldn't it, I was only there for just over 4 hours! Feeling alright after work I went for a kick about with the lads. As always, I kicked ass, scoring about 12 goals in an 18-9 win. After that I went for a drink with Vlad for about an hour. Had a good chat, mostly football related as usual.

Spent some time with Emma at home, just chilling and watching TV before getting an early night as we were up early to get up to Catterick early.

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