Friday, 5 January 2007


5th January 2007

Remember the song; "Woke up this morning feeling fine...?" I kinda felt like that today, mind you it was 10am. I was due in work at 8:30! Luckily centre was shut today for staff training so I managed to sneak in unnoticed at about 10:30. Had a laugh with workmate James in office, mucking around on Flash Games all day.

After a hard day's play, went home for more of the same. Dossed with Emma for the evening before chilling with clan dudes at night. Installed new mouse I had for christmas which should really be a lot better for gaming but is taking some getting used to. I normally give up trying to get used to stuff if I've not managed it in an hour but for an £80 mouse I better damn well keep trying!!

Had to be up early in morning for first Saturday match with Welbeck of the new year. Currently we're really sucking on a Saturday laying bottom of the league with just 2 points from 8 games. Dunno where the problems lie other than a lack of belief as we play similar standard teams on a Sunday and are doing really well. In 3rd place and 3 points off the top with 4 games left. Not really looking forward to tomorrows game though. Against Walesby, usually a tough physical side who have beat us 2 times from 3. If we play well we maybe could get something, if we don't, prepare for the usual Saturday ass-kicking!

Also, tomorrow the mighty redmen are home to The Gooners in the FA Cup 3rd round. Will be a very tough game but the boys dont usually let us down at Anfield.

Time to drag meself off to bed. Gone 2am and I'm up at 8:30. Another tiring day no doubt!

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