Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Did you forget to take your Meds?

23rd January 2007

Woke up about 12:15 today, fully refreshed after a nice long sleep! It seems to be getting later that I get up on a Tuesday morning. I used to get up between 10-11 so I could have the morning to myself before work but even though its a couple of hours later than normal, I'm still stuck in the mindset that I can have an hour or more to myself before heading off to work. Usual process is put some music on as loud as possible, shower, dressed, breakfast then half hour chilling online. I don't often get to listen to my own music, Emma doesn't like most of my stuff and moans at me having it on, even if I have headphones on! My CD player still isn't in my car so I'm stuck with Radio 1 for now who play a decent track every other hour or so. So I like to make the most of Tuesday mornings!

I have tons of albums on my Media Player and often go from album to album listening to the best tracks. At the minute though, I can't seem to put down Placebo's latest album, Meds. Every song is fantastic and the group are awesome. They have a very unique sound. The drive to work on Tuesday usually involves me having a particular track playing over and over in my head. Today I had most of the Meds album playing out loud on repeat! Knowing I would be in for another quiet evening at work, I got James to burn me a Meds onto a CD as he has it on his Laptop. I'd planned to listen to it later this evening. The CD would probably be more accurate than the words that spring to my mind when reliving the songs! I always find myself repeating the same lines over and over for some reason.

I never got around to listening to the CD though as I found another stupid flash game that I got hooked on and was on all evening! The popular Yeti Sports series' 5th game, involves hitting a penguin with a flamingo, at snakes and over giraffes and elephants with ultures hindering you...... Nowhere in the game does it state that no animals were hurt in the making of this game!! I totally doubled Stu's top score on it though lol. Nothing like a total waste of time huh?

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