Monday, 22 January 2007

The morning after the night before

22nd January 2007

I didn't actually feel too bad at work today, having had less than 5 hours sleep. Thats usual for me so I guess I'm used to it by now. James clearly wasn't used to it as well as the heavy drinking followed by early morning wake up call. He spent the morning groaning and grunting at students! I spent the majority of the day informing him of all the happenings of last night. Watching him walk round the pub 5 times without seeing where me and Stu were as well as unknowingly going to the women's lavs!!

Stu came in about 1 and so we had twice the fun taking the mick out of him. Soon it was off to training with the lads, when it soon became evident my coach couldn't make it today and I was left to train the lads by myself. It usually takes me a full week of thought to come up with an average to poor schedule when I used to take them alone and here I was having to think of something to do in 5 minutes. I did some shooting and dribbling work with them and the session wasn't too bad all in all.

We had planned to go shopping soon after training but first I went to a new players house to sign him up. I thought I'd only be about 15 minutes but was gone over an hour. You knwo what lads are like when we get chatting about football! This new lad, Ash, has fantastic ability, especially as he's never played before properly. Hopefully that'll show in the team and he can help us in our drastic situation at the foot of the Saturday league.

After shopping, came online and chilled with the lads for a bit. Andy came on and again kicked my ass till gone half two in the morning. We always do it on a Monday and he is always knackered on Tuesdays! I never realise how late it gets as I don't have to be up till late the next day though Andy is up at sunrise! Ah well, he's a big lad, he don't need me to send him to bed!

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