Wednesday, 17 January 2007

All play and no work

17th January 2007

Work today was gonna be fun as usual. I had a 12 hour day ahead of me and yet again was knackered after another late night. When will I ever learn! The morning went surprisingly quick though and the afternoon I spent again on my coursework bumping my project folder up by double again. Database has been built and I'm getting on with it rather rapidly to say it doesn't have to be finished for another 4 or 5 months. Shown my project tutor Piers who was impressed at both the quantity and quality. Its still really at the start for what I want to do with it.

Got to my course tonight at 6pm and todays lesson was on Visual Basic. Apparently before christmas we had an assignment given to us. I guess I wasn't at that lesson as I'd not had it given to me. I didn't think we'd had enough classes yet to be gievn the assignment. I haven't missed that many have I? Oops! Went through the assignment brief and kinda understood it but after the day was spent working on my project I was in no mood to start something new. We were told that because there was an open evening tonight there was free food down in the diner! Cool, we were straight at checking that out! It was true but the room was packed with people waiting to speak to relevant course tutors and no-one was eating so me and Kiel didn't fancy shoving our way to the food so we went back up to class.

Because of the open evening, the college like to show stuff off so the classroom opposite ours in the Computer Science department had computers packed with games! Score! I peeked around and the room was empty other than one guy who was showing the room off to people. He invited us in to play, we didn't need asking twice! Straight for the Counter-Strike Source! Was weird playing it with no sound and with a crap mouse but it was funny kicking Kiel's ass with a Scout! He'd never played it before though in fairness he did well at first staying level scores with me. He kept P90 rushing me, the git! I taught him a lesson in the end before our tutor caught us and we skulked back to class!

Left course a bit early as we weren't really doing anything and Emma was texting me every 5 minutes to say she was starving! I told her to order something from local chippy cos she couldn't be arsed to cook - more like couldn't be arsed to wash up from previous dinners! Got home and soon after food came. Wolfed down a kebab and chips and then as Emma headed for bed, I thought I'd have 5 minutes or a little more on the web.

Just chilled on net for about an hour and was about to go to bed when Andy signed in. I thought he must've gone to bed already as he's usually online before now but he must've just had a late one tonight. Chatted for a bit before jumping in the server for some action. Had a decent night's playing, kept up with him 1v1 for a while before he started to kick my ass! Emma came to get me about 1:10am and I said I'd be about 10 minutes. Really didn't want yet another late night. Stayed in server messing about for a while longer before realising the time was 2:55am. Oh crap! Off to bedski's for me!

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