Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Snooze and Sleep buttons should be illegal!

16th January 2007

Was awoken about 7am this morning as Emma was getting ready for work and it felt like I'd only been in bed for a couple of hours. Probably true actually, I lost track! She asked what time I wanted the alarm set for me to get up and I said 11am. This would give me good time to have a shower and a shave and get some brekkie as well as have some chilling time before work, listening to some music and stuff. When the alarm eventually went off, I felt even more tired than at 7am so hastily slapped the snooze button for another 9 minutes! I did that thing where I say to myself "I've had a nice long sleep, I deserve a nap!".

Had I only hit snooze once I would still have had loads of time to do what I wanted this morning but I felt worse the more times I hit it. I eventually managed to drag myself out of bed at 1:15pm after about 10 hits of snooze! Man, that buttons not good for me! I am gonna use it! Should probably have got ready quickly and gone to work but was in one of them sleep-affected moods where you think 'stuff it!' A shower, shave and some breakfast later I was off to work, arriving about 2:30. Didn't see the gaffer all day so I got away with that one I think! I would only have blagged some excuse about making my hours up with short dinner breaks plus an extra hour I'm at work on a Wednesday, though this is mostly true.

Spent all day at work doing yet even more of my coursework, things are looking good. I'm still at a very early stage in it though I have tons of pages already written. Something tells me I'm writing way too much in it but thats not like me.....!

Had a bit of a headache when I left work so headed for home in the hope that Emma would be there with a nicely cooked dinner so I could have it and doss for the rest of the evening. My phone had been dead all day so I'd not heard from her so was a bit wary when I got home and her car wasn't there and all the lights were off. Maybe she's at a secret lovers? I wish! Only joking! Knew instantly she'd be at her mam's. Put my phone on charge and instantly received about 5 messages telling me she is at her mam's and my dinner is on. Went there for it and then left for my mum's to drop a form off. I would normally stay at my mum's for a bit when I go up as I don't go there too often, don't usually have time so I felt a bit horrible wanting to rush off soon after getting there but in fairness I had just done a late shift at work and had a headache s was in no mood to be sat around talking for ages.

Got home and connected to the web to see if anyone was on. Andy quickly informed me that the late night last night was not a good idea! He was soon off to bed and I actually decided to shut my PC down early, though I wasn't fully convinced about getting such an early night. Had a book on the mighty Shankly for christmas so thought about reading that. Went through the first few pages but was too tired to take in what I was reading so I just flicked through it before going to bed at a surprisingly early 12:30!

I then made the grand mistake of putting a Friends DVD on. I have seen most of them a thousand times over and they can often help me drop off but I have been watching the final series which I havent seen a lot of. Maybe I don't like the idea of it all coming to an end! Damn right I don't, Friends rules! Tonight was worse though as I was down to the final DVD in the series and I was so not prepared for it being the final episode. I hate that episode!! I have every mind to smash that CD or re-record it with the very first episode so that after watching it all end, it all starts over again!!

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James said...

all im gonna say dude is LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol